How Tall Does Oregano Grow? – Guide to Growing Oregano

Oregano is a herb plant, so it might sound like it’ll be a small bush. However, the real answer to how tall an oregano bush grows might surprise you. In this article, we’ll first talk about why you should grow oregano in the first place. This herb can be used for many things, so it’s important to know what you want to use for it and which kind. Then, we’ll go in-depth about how tall oregano can grow. Next, we’ll share a few tips and tricks to growing your oregano well so that it can grow as big as healthy as it can.

After, we’ll talk about harvesting the oregano bush properly. Finally, if you don’t want your oregano bush to grow so big, we have some tips on keeping it on the smaller side. 


Why Grow Oregano?

Oregano is a wonderful plant to grow, especially if you’re a beginner gardener.

For example, this herb is easy to care for, hardy, and low-maintenance. In addition, you can grow it outside in your garden or indoors. Not to mention that it’s a better herb to grow in the summer, but it can grow all year round and will keep growing, even after you harvest it.

Not only is it easy to take care of, but oregano is an excellent herb to add to your recipes.

For instance, there are two types of oregano: Mexican and Mediterranian. Mediterranean oregano is part of the mint family, while Mexican oregano is part of the lemon verbena family.

So, they each have a slightly different flavor, but either one is great to add to your family dinners.  

Oregano plant

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How Tall Does Oregano Grow?

When oregano first begins to grow, you’ll notice that it sprouts oval leaves that are dark green. The leaves grow along the stem, in pairs opposite of one another. In some cases, the leaves will be fuzzy. However, not all oregano grow fuzzy leaves.

In general, oregano doesn’t seem to take up too much room. The bush is often rather small, but it can grow up to two feet tall if given the room. In some cases, it’s grown to be up to 30 inches tall.

Meanwhile, it can take up to 18 to 24 inches of space. So, an oregano bush likes to have its personal space.

When planting oregano, you’ll only need to dig a hole that’s about a quarter of an inch into the ground. Then, the plant will take to the soil and allow its roots to continue growing for at least 14 inches down into the ground.

Take a look at the table below to check out how much space an oregano plant can take up in your garden.

Part Of The Oregano BushSize It Can Grow
Root DepthAt least 14 inches
Height24 to 30 inches
Width18 to 24 inches

Tips To Help Oregano Grow As Big As Possible

Now that we know how big and tall an oregano plant can grow, how can we make it grow to its full potential?

Before gardening, get to know the oregano plant and do your research. Then, you’ll be ready to plant it properly and give it everything it needs to thrive.

When To Plant Oregano In A Garden

Oregano is a great plant to have all year round. If you pot it indoors, you can start planting it whenever you want.

However, even though it can survive the harsh winter, the best time to grow oregano outside in a garden is in the early spring. Then, when the frost is no longer, you can be sure it’s a good time to head out into the garden and begin planting.

Your oregano will grow best during that time because it’ll have the best chance at starting well.

Then, during the winter, you won’t be able to harvest it until the next spring. However, it’s hardy enough to survive the cold temperatures.

However, you’ll need to shield it from windy days, especially in the colder weather. 

Where To Plant Oregano In A Garden

If you want your oregano to join your other plants outside, then you’ll need to map out where you want to plant it.

Oregano makes an excellent companion plant to make herbs, flowers, and vegetables. For example, you can put it near cucumbers, peppers, squash, pumpkins, or tomatoes.

Learn more about oregano and tomatoes being companions here.

Since we know that oregano likes to have its space, you need to keep that in mind and how big the other plants will grow.

So, if you have your plants in rows, be sure to plant your oregano at least six inches apart from the other plants. In between rows, there should be at least one foot of space in between.

This space will allow you to walk between the rows to tend to each of your plants. Also, it’ll allow a little extra wiggle room for your plants to stretch out. 

Giving Your Oregano Plant The Essentials

As with most plants, they all need the same three things to thrive: light, water, and proper soil.

However, every plant is different in how much of each they prefer. Oregano is no different.

Light For Your Oregano

Most types of oregano thrive on full sunlight. So, you’ll want to choose a sunny spot for it in your garden.

If you’re growing your oregano indoors, be sure to move it to a room that has plenty of natural light. Or you can get a sun lamp, especially in the winter.

Water For Your Oregano

Believe it or not, oregano prefers to be dry. So, you won’t need to worry about watering it too often.

If you notice that the soil is completely dry to the touch, you can give your oregano a thorough drink.

Read more about how much water oregano needs here.

Soil And Fertilizer For Your Oregano

Oregano will do best with soil that’s light and dry. You’ll only need to water it once in a while when the soil is completely dried out. You don’t want it to be moist.

In addition, you don’t need to add fertilizer to your oregano plant. Fertilizer adds other nutrients, such as nitrogen, that oregano doesn’t care for. Too much nitrogen, and then the flavor of your oregano will be different when you harvest it.

When To Harvest Oregano

You can take leaves from the oregano plant anytime you need to. For instance, you can grab a couple here and there to dry them out and use them in various recipes.

Learn more about drying oregano here.

However, the best time to harvest oregano is when it’s about four to five inches tall or once the flowers begin to show. 

How To Harvest Oregano

To harvest your oregano well, you can cut back about ⅔ of the plant. For instance, you’ll want to cut the stems down, starting a few inches above the soil line.

If you want to harvest your oregano for a long time to come, then be sure to cut the flower buds off as soon as they grow. This will encourage new growth for your plant, allowing new leaves to sprout.

How To Best Keep Your Oregano Bush Small

Having a herb plant grow about two feet tall and two feet wide sounds pretty big. However, if you don’t want that much oregano or need some extra space in your garden, there is a way to keep the oregano bush on the smaller side.

For example, you can prune your oregano plant more often than needed to keep it more under control.

Alternatively, trim the roots and move the oregano plant to another place. For example, you can pot your oregano, so you have it in your house rather than needing to use up space in your garden.

Potted oregano will grow for a while, but it won’t have room to grow nearly as big as it would in the garden.

However, you don’t want to plant too many plants close together in the garden. It seems like they’ll only grow where there’s room, but it actually might backfire. For example, instead of your oregano plants not growing big, they might not grow at all. The same will go for the other plants surrounding it.

So, if you don’t want your oregano bush to be huge, simply keep up with pruning and harvesting. 

Final Words on How Tall Oregano Grows

Oregano grows to take up more space than you’d think. Not to mention, there are plenty of times you can harvest its leaves to use as part of your recipes. Overall, oregano is a hardy bush that’s low-maintenance, easy to grow, and yummy to eat later on.

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