Can You Plant Oregano With Tomatoes?

If you’re a beginner gardener, you might not know too much about companion planting. In fact, you might buy your seeds and plant them anywhere in the garden without another thought. The question is, how well will they grow? This is where companion planting comes in, and, in this article, we’ll talk specifically about how oregano can help the tomatoes and other plants in your garden. First, we’ll discuss the importance of companion plants. Then, we’ll go more in-depth about whether you can plant oregano with tomatoes and the pros and cons of doing so. Finally, we’ll explain how close you can plant oregano and tomatoes together.


Why Worry About Companion Plants?

Companion planting isn’t just for herbs, spices, and vegetables. It also pertains to flowers and pretty much anything else you grow in the garden.

There are many benefits to companion planting. For instance, one major benefit is that it’ll help your plants grow and thrive to their full potential.

For example, when you strategically place plants next to each other, they can help one another out.

Some of these benefits of placing certain plants beside another are as follows:

  • Boost flavor and coloring in some plants
  • Protect other plants from certain pests
  • Attract pollinators for the other plants
  • Shade regulation
  • Soil fertility
  • Weed control

How do these benefits help?

Some herbs and spices help boost the flavor and coloring of plants and vegetables around it.

In addition, some plants attract or repel certain pests that help the other plants around them grow.

Also, some plants need more sunlight than others. So, you can place a taller plant that loves the sun in front of a small plant that doesn’t need as much sun. Then, when the sun is at its peak, the taller plant will get more of the sun, shielding the smaller plant.

Next, some plants are nitrogen-fixing while others aren’t. The ones that contain nitrogen can help boost the soil, thus helping the other plants grow well. 

Finally, you can put wider plants beside thinner plants, allowing less room for weeds to grow. 

tomatoes planted with herbs

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Can You Plant Oregano With Tomatoes?

The short answer is yes. You can plant oregano with tomatoes. In fact, it’s a great idea to pair these two plants together – I’ve got more tips on where oregano grows here.

However, there are pros and cons to everything, so while oregano and tomatoes pair well together, there are a few things to look out for.

First, let’s discuss the benefits.

Pros Of Planting Oregano And Tomatoes Together

Not only will oregano help you in the kitchen once it’s harvested, but the herb will help while it’s growing.

For instance, oregano helps the plants around it, including flowers, other herbs, and vegetables such as tomatoes.

First, oregano blooms tiny white flowers. These flowers attract bees and other pollinators to your garden, pollinating all of your plants. Thus, helping all of your plants grow.

In addition, oregano is great at repelling unwanted pests, such as cabbage moths. 

Finally, oregano is a hardy herb to grow. You can place it in your garden around vegetables that need similar soil, or you can grow oregano in its own container, leaving it inside your garden around the plants you want it to help. 

Cons Of Planting Oregano And Tomatoes Together

Luckily, there aren’t too many cons to growing oregano and tomatoes together. Oregano is a herb that helps many plants and vegetables in your garden.

For instance, it adds flavor and color to the rest of your garden, keeping unwanted pests away and attracting pollinators to help your garden thrive.

The only con with putting these two plants together is that you want them to help each other rather than compete. You’ll want to read my guide to containing oregano here, so that it doesn’t overtake your tomatoes!

For example, you can begin to plant oregano and tomatoes together. Then, repot them both later, placing the tomatoes on one side and the oregano on the other.

For instance, tomatoes need plenty of water and fertilizer. 

If you’re worried that they might hinder each other’s growth, then you can plant oregano in a pot or container. It’ll still benefit your garden that way.

How Close To Plant Oregano And Tomato

Believe it or not, you can plant oregano and tomatoes relatively close together. You can put them beside each other if you’d like or put another vegetable in between them.

One thing to note is that you want both the plants to be the same height and face the same way. This will allow them to get similar sunlight, and they won’t try to compete with one another. 

You can also put another vegetable or plant in between them. Oregano is a great companion plant for many other herbs, plants, and vegetables. So, it’ll benefit your garden either way.

Final Words on Planting Oregano with Tomatoes

Can you place oregano with tomatoes? Yes, you can. In fact, it’ll help the tomatoes grow well. Oregano is a great plant to put next to just about any flower, herb, spice, or vegetable. If you want your tomatoes to thrive, placing them near oregano in the garden is excellent. In addition, tomatoes and oregano go well together on a dish. So, you can grow both for the same recipe.

Want to learn more? Read my full guide to the best companion plants for oregano here. Find out how to dry oregano here. You can also find all our guides to oregano here.

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