Does Oregano Spread? What to do to contain Oregano

Oregano is a great herb to grow in your garden or inside your home in a large enough pot. However, oregano can grow to be a relatively big plant, and it likes to have plenty of elbow room. This article will first talk about why you should grow oregano. Then, we’ll go more in-depth about whether or not oregano spreads and how much oregano can spread in your garden. After, we’ll discuss why it spreads, how fast it spreads, and how you can stop your oregano from spreading without stunting its growth. Finally, we’ll share some quick tips for growing oregano and caring for it. 


Why Grow Oregano?

If you’re looking to add some extra flavor to your homecooked meals, then oregano is a wonderful herb to try. Of course, you can buy fresh or dried oregano at your local grocery store. However, you can also grow it yourself.

Growing oregano is a good idea because you’ll have freshly grown ingredients in your own home. In addition, oregano is a hardy bush that’s low-maintenance to care for.

So, even if you’re a beginner gardener, you can easily grow oregano. 

Does Oregano Spread Like Mint?

While oregano isn’t as invasive as mint, oregano can undoubtedly spread out and take over your garden. That is if it’s given a chance to do so. Oregano grows quickly and will spread out as far as it can go, so you’ll need to keep it in its own space. This way, it won’t stunt the growth of your other plants and won’t accidentally stunt their growth. You can read more details on where oregano grows here.

Oregano is a prolific herb, but its NOT as prolific as mint. You can read my guides to growing mint here.

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Is Oregano Invasive?

Did you know that oregano is part of the mint family? In other words, it has many similarities to mint, including how it’s grown.

Oregano isn’t typically invasive within your garden unless given a chance to be. For instance, if your oregano bush has a few feet to grow, it’s going to utilize all of that space as best as it can.

In addition, if oregano seeds fall into your soil, it won’t be hard for them to germinate. In fact, they’ll take to the soil quickly.

So, you might accidentally have more than one oregano plant grow in your garden if you lose a seed or two when planting.

Finally, oregano has a type of root that’s called rhizomes. This type of root allows your oregano to withstand its off-season, allowing it to continue growing all year round.

However, the rhizome root also spreads far and wide, digging deep into the soil. It will stretch as far as it can go, often growing to be at least 14 inches long. 

How Quickly Does Oregano Spread?

Oregano doesn’t take long to spread at all. In fact, if you grow oregano from seeds, the seeds will germinate quickly.

On the other hand, if you grow oregano from cuttings and the stem is already healthy, it’ll take quickly to the soil and grow quickly. 

After about a week or so, you can expect your oregano seedlings to have grown a few inches already. At this time, the stems can make it up to a foot long. Also, the oregano’s roots will be deep down into the ground. 

For example, it only takes about ten to 12 weeks for its roots to explore the soil underneath it fully.

Also, oregano isn’t bothered by weeds, and they don’t need fertilizer to help it grow. So, if weeds begin to sprout in your garden, your oregano will continue to grow as if the weeds aren’t in the way. 

How Can You Stop Oregano Spreading?

One way to keep your oregano from spreading is to give it ample room in your garden.

For example, you want to have at least eight to ten inches of space between your oregano plant and other plants. However, 12 inches is ideal.

Spacing out your plants will allow them to grow well in the space they have and easily spread out as tall and wide as they need to grow well. Also, if other plants aren’t too close to your oregano, then your oregano won’t be as invasive.

Alternatively, you can pinch the flower buds or cut them off to not bloom and produce seeds.

If seeds are produced, they could fall onto the ground or be carried away to another part of the garden by the wind. Since it’s easy for oregano seeds to germinate, a new oregano plant will grow. Thus, taking up more space in your garden.

You can also get creative by trimming your oregano plant. You can easily grow a new plant from the cuttings of another.

Learn more about growing oregano from cuttings here.

So, you can take cuttings from your plant to trim it back. Then, use those cuttings to grow another bush in your garden, or you can pot it and give it away as a gift.

Can Oregano Be Grown In Pots? Does This Stop It Spreading?

Yes, oregano can be grown in pots. However, you want to provide them with a large pot or a container to have enough room to grow.

Remember, oregano plants can grow about two feet tall and two feet wide if given space.

Read more about how tall oregano plants can grow here.

Your oregano plant will only be able to grow with the space it’s given. So, it can grow well in a large pot inside your home.

Alternatively, you can plant it in a large pot inside your garden. Of course, the oregano will be contained in the pot, but help out the other plants in your garden through companion planting.

You can learn more about companion planting with oregano here.

What Soil And Sun Conditions Help Oregano Thrive?

As mentioned earlier, oregano is easy to grow, and it’s a low-maintenance plant to care for.

When planting this herb, be sure to do so in soil that’s sandy or loamy in texture. Also, it needs to be soil that drains well so that your oregano doesn’t get drenched in water. 

Oregano doesn’t need fertilizer within the soil, and it also doesn’t need too much water. You’ll only need to provide water when the top of the soil feels bone dry. Then, only water the plant enough to moisten the top of the soil.

In addition, oregano thrives off of full natural sunlight. So, be sure to plant it in an area that gets at least six to eight hours of sun per day. 

Final Words on How Much Oregano Spreads

Oregano is a lovely herb that can be used for many things. In addition, it’s easy to grow and simple to care for. So, it’s a great beginner plant for many. However, if given a chance and the room, oregano can spread far and wide. So, if you don’t want it to take over your garden accidentally, be sure to take precautions: space it well in between other plants and keep up with trimming the plant. 

Want to learn more? Click here to learn where to plant oregano and here to find out when to plant it. Find all my oregano guides here.

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