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Welcome to Gardening Chief – your single source for growing herbs (and more) as well as preserving, storing, and using them.  We focus on what’s easy to grow in the USA, with a minimum of fuss and mess. 

Our content on growing herbs is based on growing conditions in the USA.   And our recommendations, reviews, suppliers, and content are based on the US market, US availability, and sources.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow some of the herbs that we write about in other places too – you’ll just need to check local conditions, and plant and seed suppliers.

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All About Growing Herbs

If you’re new to growing your own herbs then you might want to check some of our informational articles which cover

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At Gardening Chief we’re all about making it easy to get started growing herbs, because we figure, why make life harder than it needs to be?  And we like to do this with the minimum of fuss, cost, and hassle. So for our time-saving, money-saving, and ease-of-use growing you’ll find these articles useful.

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