Dried Oregano Vs Ground Oregano: Best Choice And Substitutions

You’ve probably heard of dried oregano before, but have you heard of ground oregano? What’s the difference? This article will answer that question and more. For instance, we’ll discuss the various similarities and differences between ground oregano and dried oregano, from taste and appearance to health benefits and availability. Then, we’ll share how you can utilize both in various recipes and how to substitute one for the other. 


Is Dried Oregano The Same As Ground Oregano?

Ground oregano comes from dried oregano, so yes, therefore they are technically the same thing. However, there are a few differences between the two of them. 

In fact, they look different from one another in appearance. Also, they’re used for different purposes. So, let’s take a closer look at dried oregano leaves vs. ground oregano. 

Dried oregano
Dried oregano

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Dried Oregano Vs. Ground Oregano

You probably don’t think of them being ground when you think of herbs. However, they can be ground up, and they can be useful and flavorful in various recipes.

Ground Oregano Vs. Dried Oregano: Taste Differences

When ground up, oregano unleashes a strong, spicy flavor. It almost tastes similar to pepper but will have a sweet scent.

On the other hand, dried oregano has a strong flavor as well.

Typically, dried oregano is cooked within the recipe and other ingredients. Ground oregano can be used this way as well. However, it’s also best used as a seasoning.

For example, ground oregano can be used to rub various meats. So, the flavor is much stronger.

Dried Vs. Ground Oregano: Appearance

Dried oregano is crushed, dried leaves from the fresh oregano plant. They’re green but dull in color, compared to the bright green leaves of fresh oregano. Also, they’ll crumble at your touch, depending on how dried out they are.

On the other hand, ground oregano is brown in color, similar to dried oregano. However, it’s crushed finely to the point that it’s a powder.

So, dried oregano is crispy-looking leaves that are wilted, while ground oregano is a powder-like consistency.

Ground oregano
Ground oregano

Ground Vs. Dried Oregano: Price And Availability

No matter what type of oregano you’re looking for, you’ll be able to buy it at your local grocery store.

Neither are too expensive, with fresh oregano leaves being the most costly.

So, you can buy ground oregano from a bottle if that’s what you prefer. You’ll be able to find it in the aisle where the rest of the species and seasonings are.

Alternatively, you can buy dried oregano if you don’t want to go through the drying process yourself.

Learn more about drying oregano leaves here.

Then, if you need (or want) to ground the dried oregano, you can do so yourself at home. In other words, you can get two variants of oregano for the price of one.

In fact, buying dried oregano and then grounding it yourself is a good idea if you like having both on hand. You can turn dried oregano into ground oregano, but you can’t turn ground back to dried. 

Ground Vs. Dried Oregano: Health Benefits

Fresh oregano leaves have the most nutritional value. However, they won’t have as many nutrients once you dry them out.

Since ground oregano comes from dried oregano, you can ensure that they’ll provide the same nutritional value.

Overall, oregano provides vitamins and minerals. However, the herb loses some of that once they’re dried out.

When using oregano, you’ll want it more for the flavor rather than the health benefits anyway.

Ground Vs. Dried Oregano: How It Is Used In Cooking

Dried oregano is often used in various dishes to add flavoring. You can simply add dried oregano to the recipe while you’re cooking.

However, this dried herb won’t look nice as a garnish. If you’re looking for something to add for aesthetics, then fresh oregano leaves will be the way to go.

On the other hand, ground oregano is also used for flavor. But then again, it’s not added into the recipe as dried oregano would be.

Ground oregano is used to rub meats before grilling, baking, or frying. In other words, it’s used more as a seasoning. 

What Is The Winner?

So, which type of oregano is better to use?

Both are great to use for any recipe as they are both flavorful and smell amazing. However, one will be better to use over another for certain dishes.

For example, if you’re cooking an Italian, Mexican, or Greek recipe that calls for oregano within it, you can simply add dried oregano to the mixture. There’s no need to ground it unless you want to.

On the other hand, if you’re cooking meat and want to add some extra flavor to it, you can use ground oregano as a rubbing. Unfortunately, rubbing dried oregano on meat won’t stick well and will simply make a mess in the pan.

In addition, both dried oregano and ground oregano have long shelf lives if they’re stored properly. For instance, dried oregano lasts up to two to three years. However, it’ll begin to lose its flavor and scent after about six months.

When it comes to ground oregano, it has a shelf life of about three to four years and will keep its flavoring.

In other words, if you’re looking for a long-lasting herb, then ground oregano might be the way to go. 

Otherwise, the difference between dried oregano and ground oregano isn’t much. Ground oregano comes from dried oregano, so they taste and smell the same. They’re also widely available at your grocery store, and you can store them easily within a cabinet in your kitchen.

You won’t get too many health benefits from either ground oregano or dried oregano, but they’ll both certainly add plenty of flavor to your latest dish.

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Can You Substitute Ground Oregano For Dried?

Yes, you can substitute ground oregano for dried. Also, you’ll be able to substitute dried oregano for ground.

So, whatever you have on hand, you’ll be able to use up your oregano.

Switching dried oregano to ground oregano or ground oregano dried is easy in a recipe. 

How Much Dried Oregano Equals Ground?

If a recipe calls for dried oregano and you’ve already ground yours up, you can still use it for the same recipe. However, you’ll want to add a little less unless you want a stronger flavor.

So, here’s the dried oregano vs. ground oregano conversion. 

For example, if a recipe calls for one teaspoon of dried oregano, you can add ¾ teaspoon of ground oregano. It’s not too much of a difference but add a quarter less.

You’ll be able to get the flavor you want without compromising the recipe too much. 

Final Words on Dried Oregano vs Ground Oregano

No matter which one you decide to use, dried oregano and ground oregano are similar in many ways. They have their differences, but both are great for various recipes. Overall, it comes down to which one you prefer for your dishes.

Want to learn more? Read my dried vs fresh oregano comparison here or learn how to store oregano here. You can also find all my oregano guides here.

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